There is nothing like a foggy, misty and dead silent Alaskan fall morning. I imagined that morning quietly interupted by the soft splashing of a cow moose slowly plodding through an anonymous backwater. Add the soft, low tending grunts of a big mature bull and you have a perfect fall morning in my mind. This scene plays out every year throughout this amazing state and I hope this painting takes you there. 

The painting is a 14" x 18.75" original oil on linen panel. The framed dimensions are approximately 21" x 25.75". Price: $2,480.00

Available Through Aurora Fine Art

Located in historic downtown Anchorage, Alaska, Aurora Fine Art has been in business 30 years and houses some of the most elegant and unique collections of native and Alaskan art. 

Aurora Fine Art

737 W 5th Ave #150, Anchorage, AK 99501

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